How to get here:

By plane:
Through Ålesund Airport Vigra we are connected to the flight network, both domestic and abroad. From Ålesund to Lanternen you travel by boat, bus or by car in less than an hour.

By “Hurtigruta”:
“Hurtigruta” stops at Torvik in Herøy everyday on its journey from Bergen to Kirkenes.

By car:
E6 from Oslo/Trondheim to Dombås; E136 from Dombås to Ålesund; Rv61 from Spjelkavik to Myrvåg (car ferry Sulesund-Hareid); Rv654 from Myrvåg to Lanternen. E39 from Bergen; car ferry Koparnes-Årvik.

By train:
You can travel by train from Oslo/Trondheim to Åndalsnes, then by bus to Ålesund.